The Brookwood Exchange
1708 Peachtree Street Atlanta, Georgia 30309



Originally Constructed: 1919

Original Function: 24-unit apartment building (33,000 sq. ft. total)

Purchase Amount & Date: $1,375,000 (June 1988)

Renovation Completed: February 1989

Construction Cost: $3,1500,000

Role of E. F. Howington Co: Developer/General Contractor/ Sole General Partner

Current Function: 52,000-sq. ft. office building

Current Occupancy: 100%  

The Brookwood Exchange was thoroughly gutted and renovated.  Improvements included the introduction of new heating, air conditioning, plumbing and electrical systems.  In addition, the basement was reclaimed and converted into the first floor, and a fifth story was created behind the original mansard roof; this process entailed dismantling and restoring the roof.

The courtyard side of the original "U"-shaped structure was enclosed via the addition of a five-story atrium, creating a plaza at ground level.  All windows were reworked using the original glazing, and gutters and downspouts were replaced.  Parking was made available on the Peachtree Street side of the building.

The addition, like the original structure, was inspired by the architectural innovations of fin-de-siecle Vienna.  Offices open onto the plaza through French doors and windows.  Open corridors, secured by wrought iron and stained wooden railings, overlook the sun-filled atrium.  Corridor and atrium floors are strikingly decorated with white and black tiles.



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