The Value of Experience
Today more than ever, a thorough understanding of the complex and dynamic real estate market is crucial to successful investing.  Opportunities for profit abound, but the ability to identify them and assess the trends that determine their viability requires years of experience.
Experience is what E. F. Howington is all about.  Our team of professionals includes CPAs, engineers, construction managers, and property managers, drawing on nearly 150 combined years of experience in the business of property acquisition, redevelopment, and management.  Our fee based development expertise in arranging financing packages, obtaining historic tax credits, tax planning, and management of new construction from the ground up, allows us to predict success with considerable confidence. Projects are carefully selected according to their potential to protect original capital and maximize returns to investors.  The success we have enjoyed in all of our endeavors stands as a powerful testament to the value of experience.
Our exemplary record is due in large part to the experience and dedication of our staff.   E. F. Howington places the highest priority on sound, conservative business practices.  We believe that the exceptional performance of our properties speaks for itself.

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